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NCast products and services are industry breakthroughs in the delivery of corporate presentations over IP networks. Communications and information distribution to large or small audiences, with minimal effort and involvement of network managers and technical personnel, has never been easier.

NCast provides effective, scalable, and cost-effective methods for presenting rich content. NCast technology is revolutionizing presentation streaming with open-standard products that offer automation, ease of use, accessibility, low cost of deployment, and scalability.

Learn more about how the following NCast products work and how you can take advantage of the solutions for your presentation needs.
Layouts Quickstart Streaming to Outside Network Typical Room Installation


A layout is the final product you see after using an NCast encoder. This is the multimedia file that may be available on-demand or for live streaming.

Layouts are composed of up to 4 different layers in the following order:

Graphic Overlay
Users may specify the size of up to 4 graphic overlays for a layout. Graphic overlays can range from different colors to suit your needs.

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) Image
This window generally shows the speaker in lecture capture, but the image may be swapped with the main image.

Main Image
Powerpoint slides, video feeds of simulations, or your other sources that need to be showcased are shown here.


NCast gives you the power to easily record with multiple sources using Quickstart. This web-browser based program allows you to:

1. Select a Layout from a channel preset to present material. Preset channels include standard and HD video aspect ratios as well as layouts with multiple graphic overlays.

2. Select your sources that you will be recording and streaming. There are separate categories for video, audio, and overlays.

3. Start streaming! It's as easy as that. One-button to start live streaming or record for on-demand playback.

Streaming to an Outside Network

Using NCast opens up possibilities in distributing your presentation through live streaming or on-demand playback. Below shows several options your file could go through using and NCast encoder and the Presentation Server.

Typical Room Installation

Setting up an NCast recorder could not be easier. With various standard inputs, an NCast encoder can be installed into a wide range of existing room installations.
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