Presentation Recorder Mini

The PR-Mini Streamer-Recorder is a breakthrough in affordability, quality and size bringing video capture and streaming within the reach of nearly everyone's budget while maintaining a signicant feature set that is highly sophisticated in its simplicity.

Presentation Recorder Mini
The new PR-Mini is ideal for video recording for universities, community colleges, city governments, churches, and corporate applications. And now, it is within the budget reach for K-12 school districts, libraries and non-profits.

This device integrates a mega-pixel varifocal lens with a high-definition 1080p30 video recorder and all-digital USB audio to produce video captures of excellent quality and fidelity. All solid-state storage provides for many hours of continuous recording. Live streams while recording may be viewed directly from the device or via a streaming server.

The web interface utilizes the same architecture and controls developed for the high-end Presentation Recorders, but simplifies the operation for video-only operation. The main Quickstart page allows for Channel selection, video and audio parameter adjustment and start/stop controls for streaming and recording. Separate tabs permit Channel parameter assignment, archive upload and download, configuration and status.

Presentation Recorder Mini Reference Manual Presentation Recorder Mini Flyer
Designed for complete and total automation of lecture capture and lecture creation activities, this recorder will start recording via calendar entry and then will automatically upload archives to video content management systems.
  • Integrated Camera and Recorder: One device captures the video image, records it to internal archive storage and optionally streams the content live during recording.
  • Full-frame Hi-Definition Capture: The image sensor captures full frame 1080p30 (1920 x 1080 pixels) video to provide for high quality recordings with the detail to read text or writing in the scene. A special left-right horizontal flip mode may be used to record lectures from special instructional systems such as the Learning Glass or Lightboard. A text overlay is available.
  • Stream and Record Simultaneously: Broadcast live to your audience and later upload the recording for video-on-demand viewing.
  • Digital USB Audio: Great sounding, clean audio direct from your audio source. Multiple optional adapters to convert traditional balanced-audio microphones or mixers into digital USB.
  • Confidence Monitor: A locally attached HDMI confidence monitor displays the captured video along with audio levels and streaming and recording status.
  • Multiple Storage Options: The base storage (32 GB) provides for 20-30 hours of recording. Models with 64 GB or 128 GB may be ordered to increase the available recording limits.
  • Low Power and Light Weight: The 5W power utilization keeps energy costs low and permits POE installation with an optional splitter. Weight under 500 g (16 oz,) makes wall or ceiling installation easy.
  • Built-In WiFi: The onboard WiFi capability provides for easy access and no need for CAT 5/6 cables for control.
  • Robust: Embedded Linux kernel for secure, crash-free operation. Software updates available directly from an online update server with no need to download bin files.
  • Easy-to-Use Web Interface: One Quick-Start page controls parameter selection, streaming and recording start/stop controls, stream viewing, text overlays, title and speaker descriptive text entry and status indicators. Additional pages are available for viewing and downloading archives and entering configuration information.
  • Automatic Upload: Select one or two upload destinations for each recording. Pick from YouTube, Google Drive, Kaltura, Opencast Server, Presentation Server, secure FTP, legacy FTP and USB sticks. Email notifications available.
  • Scheduling: Schedule recording and streaming events in advance using Google Calendar, Opencast Server, Presentation Server and "ics" files. Complete start-to-finish automation with scheduling, recording and upload.
  • Multiple Control Interfaces: In addition to web page control the device accepts serial commands over IP Telnet and a Web 2.0 REST API interface for programming with AJAX and jQuery style implementations. This allows common in-room control touch panels to start and stop recordings on this unit.
  • Video Viewing - Live or Recorded: Video plays on iPhones, iPads, Androids, Web browsers, Apple or Windows desktops as an H.264 MP4 file. It is possible to watch live or playback.
  • Internal Streaming Server: Viewers can view the live stream without an external server using a local network connection.
The Mini may be ordered with 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB internal storage. The varifocal lens options include a 2.8-8.0 mm focal length lens (viewing angle approximately 34 to 82 degrees) or a 15-50 mm focal length lens (viewing angle approximately 5.5 to 18 degrees). These are industry-standard CS-Mount interchangeable lenses with megapixel optics. The unit does not support POE internally, but external splitters are readily available along with DC to Micro-USB cables to provide for POE power.

This product was announced at Infocomm 2016 (June 8th, 2016) and is currently shipping.
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