Welcome to the new NCast blog

NCast is entering an exciting new stage of life. Thanks to all the support of our loyal partners, we've decided to extend our reach into the tech community by building a new and resourceful blog. Here are just a few of the thrilling things you'll see in the coming weeks:

A bit about us
Before you delve into the world of the new NCast blog, you might want to get to know about us and what we do. NCast Corporation designs and creates lecture capture devices that allow you to stream or upload videos of your lecture. Students can view lessons they missed online or rewatch an archived lecture as a study tool. Simulation or performance capture allows you to record students doing classroom-related tasks (such as those for clinicals in medical school) and assess their performance.

Our products are easy to use, as they don't require you to edit the footage. Simply record and upload using our system and your students will have the resources they need. You'll find a variety of NCast lecture capture devices to fit your needs. We cater to universities, tech groups and medical institutes. Whether you're already a partner or thinking of joining the NCast family, we hope our blog will become a great assistant.

Product highlights
A few of our blog posts will be devoted to sharing some of our favorite and most popular products lines, along with creative ways to use them. If you've ever wondered what your lecture capture or simulation capture could do for you, your classroom or your clients, you'll soon find out.

Tech news
Here at NCast, we love to stay on the cutting edge of lecture capture and streaming technology, and we thought we'd share the latest news with you! Stayed tuned to learn what the most popular lecture capture products on the market are, which products are making waves in sales numbers and how the industry is growing.

Product use tips
NCast products offer medical trainers and teachers a variety of educational benefits. If you've ever wondered how best to incorporate your lecture capture devices into your lessons, our blog is a great resource. We'll provide you with tips and tricks for using our products, successful ways in which other educators have used it, and some of the more innovative places we're seeing lecture capture being used. Be on the lookout for these valuable topics.

08. July 2014 by Jeanne
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