PR HD Software Release Posted – Version 8.0.16

A new software release is available for the Presentation Recorders. The following changes are included:

1. Video decoder fix – reserved more memory for video decoder.
2. 1080P signal capture fix – eliminated frame stiching.
3. Faster channel start – optimized overlays loading and reduced RTMP/RTSP connection time.
4. Changed RTMP/RTSP channel start – session will always start even if there is no connection to the server (unit tries to reconnect every 1 minute). You can check server connection status on the web page (in bottom status bar) and by serial interface status command.
5. Updated NTP client version.
6. Factory defaults sets NTP on.
7. Updated factory SSL certificate and private key – old certificate was no longer valid.
8. System logs fix – with Remote Logging enabled logs are saved to SD card too.
9. Fixed Kaltura API creator entry.
10. Kaltura authorized KMC users upload fix – removed partner ID.
11. Added additional Kaltura error messages in logs.
12. Upload progress to Matterhorn fix. It was showing constant value of 0%.
13. Added upload retry on failure. There will be 3 attempts of re-upload every 30 minutes.
14. Master – Slave mode: recording pause button hidden at master.
15. Extended /rest/configuration/settings to import/export channels.
16. Added possibility to load configuration with USB stick with settings.json and settings.json.password files.

15. September 2014 by Tech Corner
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